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flag The Yoga Institute (Cache)
The Yoga Institute was founded by Shri Yogendraji in 1918.

Categories: Teaching , Education , Therapy
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flag Traditional Yoga Studies (TYS) (Cache)
Traditional Yoga Studies has two primary objectives: to operate the YREC.INFO website and to administer Georg Feuerstein’s 800-hour distance-learning course on the history and philosophy of Yoga.
The interactive website belongs to TRADITIONAL YOGA STUDIES.

Categories: Education , Research , Therapy
Added: Fri 26 of March, 2004 Last updated: Sat 22 of Jan., 2005 Hits: 8132
flag Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe (SYAE) (Cache)
Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe (SYAE) was established in May 2004. Its mandate is to propagate, preserve and uphold the integrity of the teachings of Satyananda Yoga and to implement structures and systems for the ongoing development, training and teaching of Satyananda Yoga in Europe.

Categories: Teaching , Education , Yoga Organisations , SYA Yogic Studies
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flag Bihar Yoga Bharati & The Bihar School of Yoga (Cache)
The website of the Bihar Yoga Bharati the yoga university and of the Bihar School of Yoga, which are both situated at Ganga Darshan, Munger, India.

Categories: Teaching , Education , Research , Publications , Events , Therapy , Retreats , Yoga Organisations , SYA Yogic Studies
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flag BIG Shakti (Cache)
BIG Shakti is dedicated to presenting knowledge and practices of self awareness, self development and self realization through the disciplines of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra.
Through Big Shakti, you will have access to authentic teachings. Many of our authors have studied with great masters and have been initiated into profound systems of knowledge and healing. Their purpose is to share their knowledge with those who genuinely seek it.
It is our passion to provide you with powerful knowledge and effective ways to self-nurture, restore your life force - your Shakti and to build your strength, courage and calm.

The vehicles that teach knowledge and empowerment are our eMagazine, eBooks, Courses Online and our Guided Meditation and Lecture CDs.

Categories: Ayurveda , Teaching , Education , Research , Publications , Therapy , Yoga Shops , Directories
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flag Taracento Yoga (Cache)
Summer Yoga courses in the Italian region of Friuli.

Categories: Teaching , Education , Events
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flag Research into Yoga in Education (R.Y.E.) (Cache)
Pioneered in France where it has played a valuable role in bringing Yoga in to the Education system. It is now operating in several countries around the world.

Categories: Education
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