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An Experience of the Hridayakasha Dharana Workshop on 5 Nov 05
By: Ratna 
To Open One’s Heart to the Flow of Universal Love
Woman's Health - Yoga Workshop
By: Sally Fletcher 
A review of the workshop on woman's health that was given by Swami Bhaktipoornananda Saraswati at Llandeilo in April 05
Yoga in Education
By: Angela Jones 
A review of the workshop "Yoga in Education" that was delivered by Micheline Flak at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Sunday 12th September 2004
By Angela Jones (Headteacher Mynyddygarreg school.)
An experience of the Mallorcan Seminar 2004
By: Norman Martell 
Norman describes some of his experiences at the Spontaneous Yogic Living seminar held in Mallorca in May 2004
By Norman Martell
A review of the lectures given by Rishi Vivekananda at the Botanic Gardens
By: Dr Tim Naylor 
A review of the two lectures Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression with the Help of Yoga and Yoga in the Management of Addictions that were given by Rishi Vivekananda (Dr Brian Thomson) at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales on Sunday 16th May 2004
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