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Ayurveda - News Articles Books - Robert Edwin Svoboda
"Ayurveda focuses on health as a positive condition that is independent of disease, an active state of being that can be promoted by appropriate behavior. When you can upgrade your health you may find diseases disappearing without ever having been directly addressed."
© Robert Edwin Svoboda

Categories: Ayurveda , Teaching , Publications , Therapy
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flag Fasting Connection (Cache)
The primary aim is to provide the best available information on fasting, detoxing and healthy living as well as to highlight the benefits of fasting as a profound way to access the healing powers within. I believe that anything worth learning is better learned through experience. So this site is very much a hands on approach to fasting and related subjects. The articles listed on this site have been written with as much simplicity and clarity as possible so that even someone whose mother tongue is not English will be able to grasp the essentials.

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flag The Yoga Magazine (Cache)
Magazine produced by Sivananda Math

Categories: Publications
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flag Bihar Yoga Bharati & The Bihar School of Yoga (Cache)
The website of the Bihar Yoga Bharati the yoga university and of the Bihar School of Yoga, which are both situated at Ganga Darshan, Munger, India.

Categories: Teaching , Education , Research , Publications , Events , Therapy , Retreats , Yoga Organisations , SYA Yogic Studies
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flag Satyananda Yoga Online (Cache)
The website of the Satyananda Yoga community in Australia

Categories: Teaching , Research , Publications , SYA Yogic Studies
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flag Yoga in Wales (BWY) (Cache)
The Wales region of the British Wheel of Yoga actively promotes and encourages the practice of yoga throughout the Principality. If you reside in Wales and practice yoga, or would like to know more about yoga in Wales this site is for you.

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flag BIG Shakti (Cache)
BIG Shakti is dedicated to presenting knowledge and practices of self awareness, self development and self realization through the disciplines of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra.
Through Big Shakti, you will have access to authentic teachings. Many of our authors have studied with great masters and have been initiated into profound systems of knowledge and healing. Their purpose is to share their knowledge with those who genuinely seek it.
It is our passion to provide you with powerful knowledge and effective ways to self-nurture, restore your life force - your Shakti and to build your strength, courage and calm.

The vehicles that teach knowledge and empowerment are our eMagazine, eBooks, Courses Online and our Guided Meditation and Lecture CDs.

Categories: Ayurveda , Teaching , Education , Research , Publications , Therapy , Yoga Shops , Directories
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