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Spring Term Classes

The term starts Monday 15th January.

Classes are held in the Centre as well as the Ammanford’s Penybanc Welfare Hall, Cwrt Henri’s Reading Room and Llandeilo’s Bowling club.  Two weekly classes are offered online.

Class changes:  This term two classes will be starting a week later: the Wednesday 1st Year class will start on 24th Jan and the Ammanford class at the Penybanc Welfare Hall will start on Thursday 25th January. The Beginners class on Thursdays at 7.30 will now be called Beginners (Ongoing).

We teach Integral Yoga, a blend of foundation practices and classic postures which help release tension within the body and encourage flexibility and strength. Each of the classes spends time on breathing practices and relaxation techniques which help ease the mind and bring resilience in navigating these times. Many of the classes include meditation techniques that can enhance awareness, help foster clarity of perception as well as improve mental health.
PadmaSamBhava would not wish anyone to be excluded from attending classes because of fees and continues to offer concessions.

Full details for all our Spring Classes.





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