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Choosing a class

  • Beginners
    • A class designed for those who have not practised yoga before. Usually students come on a beginners for one term before moving to the 1st Year class.
  • 1st Year
    • Classes for students who have done some yoga
  • 2nd Year
    • For students who have been attending classes regularly for over 18 months
  • 3rd Year
    • For students who have been attending classes regularly for over 30 months
  • Children's Yoga
    • Your child will learn yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques & meditation in a non-competitive environment.
  • Teen's Yoga
    • Learn relaxation techniques while attaining a deep understanding of the human body.
  • Over 50's
    • Gentle techniques to stretch and strengthen body & mind.
  • Gentle Yoga
    • This will include asana and pranayama but with a focus on developing awareness of the importance of the breathing patterns on body and mind.
  • Stretch & Relax
    • These Sessions include floor based postures, stretching and holding.. working on hips, thighs, lower back.. some upper body stretching.. within these long holds, there is an encouragement of softness, and an emphasis on relaxing the whole body, whilst gently working on stretching, strengthening and lengthening the tissues, ligaments, and joints. Achieving optimal health and vitality, increasing circulation, improve flexibility. Simple breath awareness, practices, also. Restorative pose, held and supported by props, that allow you to completely, relax and rest.
  • Meditation
    • Learn and practice traditional yogic meditation techniques. Suitable for beginners to the more advanced yoga student.
  • Yoga Nidra for Relaxation and Meditation
    • A course exploring the background and practice of Yoga Nidra as a tool for both relaxation and meditation. The emphasis throughout the course will be on understanding the practice through experience.
  • Yoga for Cancer
    • This small group class is suitable for those affected by any type of cancer, at any stage of recovery and treatment, and for those caring for a family member or friend. Yoga is not a cure but it can help to strengthen the immune system and encourage inner healing. Yoga is a holistic healing system for creating harmony and balance on all levels – body, mind, emotions & spirit. When this balance has been disturbed by serious illness, practicing yoga can help in a number of ways to restore it. Yoga encourages the development of the inner resources that help in dealing with a life-changing illness. The unfolding of the qualities of self-awareness, stability, faith and trust to meet life’s challenges. The class includes gentle movement, breath practices and relaxation suitable for all.
  • Yoga for specific groups
    • The centre offers classes to specific groups. Call or e-mail for details.
  • Individual classes
    • The centre offers private classes for a wide range of conditions. Call or e-mail to arrange a time. Fee: £30 for 1 1/4 hour class.
  • Satsang Videos
    • Featuring lectures by renowned yoga teachers and great luminaries. This is held on the first Friday of the month during term time. Satsang Videos is free, everyone welcome.
  • Chanting and Kirtan
    • Sanskrit chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra (the Universal healing mantra) followed by Kirtan. This is held on the last Friday of the month during term time. Kirtan is free, everyone welcome.

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