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Yoga Nidra 2014

An opportunity to experience yogic sleep. A practice where one appears to be asleep but in fact one remains aware. A deep sense of physical, mental and emotional relaxation results. The workshop will include some of the theory and science of Yoga Nidra as well as leaving enough time for the full practice. Asanas and Pranayama will precede the Yoga Nidra to help prepare the physical and mental body in readiness for the pratyahara (sense withdrawal) of Yoga Nidra.
Treat yourself to a morning that will reduce stress and tension and improve your vital energy with Nataraj (Norman Martell) who has been teaching at Padmasambhava for seven years. His classes are well attended and so early booking for this workshop is highly recommended.
This workshop will be different from last term's and so will be suitable for previous and new attendees.

Date: Saturday, February 15th 10.00am – 1.00pm (with a 15 minute break)
Venue: Padmasambhava
Fee: £20

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