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Heart Connection 2013

Join Mangala and Rama for a day of heart centred yoga practices, helping to bring you closer to your essential, peaceful inner self. Through guided posture work and breathing practices, relaxation, meditation and also using sound we will be exploring different ways to cultivate feelings of love and compassion which in turn encourages a sense of inner joy and balance to spontaneously arise within.
Through feeling a clearer sense of inner harmony we are able to learn to nurture ourselves as well as others around us. Being in touch with our true selves and the qualities of the heart we are able to combat stress, increase our positive energy levels and enrich our lives totally. When we act and live from the heart then everything we do is coming from the right place and our inner potential begins to flower and blossom.
This day of heat centred growth is suited to anyone who is interested in discovering more about Yoga and themselves.

Date: Saturday 2nd March - 10.00 - 4.00pm
Venue: Padmasambhava
Presenters: Mangala and Rama
Fee: £35

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