Online Classes

If you can receive an email, you can enjoy an online yoga class.
We use the Zoom service to provide online classes. There is no need for you to download any new programs; your existing browser is all you need.

Preparing for the Class:
Prepare and create your space with your mat and cushion before the class begins.
Have your blanket for Yoga Nidra (relaxation practice) nearby.
Check that you will have enough space for stretching to each side and that the space is warm, and safe and free from any obstacles.
Arrange that you will not be disturbed during the class by phone, etc.

Connecting to the Online Class:
A link is sent out before class by email. Double clicking on this link will automatically sign you in.
Before the class, test arranging your mat so that you can be seen, if possible, both sitting and standing or know how to adjust screen/mat when going from one to the other.
Sign in about 10 minutes before the class begins to sort out any technical difficulties
After signing in you will be in a Waiting room until the teacher admits you and starts the class.
The Centre can help get you started if needed. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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