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If you are looking for yoga movements that will improve your flexibility and give you a sense of well being then Yoga with Nerissa will meet your needs. You can be seven or seventy, exercising regularly or leading a more gentle life, Yoga with Nerissa adapts the principles of Yoga to your changing needs. 

To order my Yoga for Pregnancy video please click Video or contact nerissafields@yahoo.co.uk


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Nerissa is based in Leicester and over the years she has been fortunate enough to work with individuals in all the above circumstances and feels that teaching should be interactive; a two way process, a building of a relationship with whoever she works with.

So much can be learnt from those you teach: be it the wisdom of 9 year olds, the inhibitions of many with learning disabilities, the frequent openness of pregnant women or the wit of prisoners! In spite of the depth of pain that many carry there is often time for laughter... the best meditation of all.

Teaching is a privilege as well as a profession and encapsulates Nerissa's way of life.


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