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Yoga & health .. naturally
Health and Yoga : Towards health & beauty..... naturally Health and Yoga : Towards health & beauty..... naturally
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Yoga Beginners & Enthusiasts
 Understand Yoga
Understand Yoga

Read Yoga Articles that motivate, Understand Yoga Exercises (Postures), Find Yoga Studios near you by searching the exhaustive Yoga Directory, Sample yoga programs for Diseases and Consult Our Yoga Experts.

Have a True Yoga Vacation that will make a permanent and positive impact on your life: Choose from a range of Yoga Holidays and Retreats.

 How to begin Yoga?
How to begin Yoga?

Sample the Yoga for Beginners Course; Learn Yoga Poses right on your desktop with a suitable Yoga Software.

Related Tools: Unique H&Y Yoga Supplies including Yoga Mats, Yoga Bags, Yoga Clothes, and Yoga Accessories and Yoga Videos. Understand the need for Yoga Tools

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 Yoga & Cleansing
Yoga & Cleansing

A detoxified body is the SINGLE most important aspect for Health Management in Yoga. Sadly, it is "brushed under the carpet". Be exposed to life changing cleansing practices through yoga.
Nasal Irrigation (Neti) for Sinus, Abdomen Cleaning, Colon Cleansing, Oral cleansing including Tongue and Teeth

Related Tools:  Neti Pot, Tongue Cleaner, Enema Equipment, Other Yoga & Cleansing Tools.

Discover UNBELIEVABLE ways to bring True Health and Happiness Naturally!!

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 Yoga & Food
Yoga & Food

Understand Yoga Whole foods Diet and Menu Plans for longevity and more importantly, mental harmony. Also, sample Food Plans for Disease management.

Related Products: Yoga, Food & Health Book, Other Natural Supplies

 Yoga & Breathing
Yoga & Breathing

Learn energy channeling through Breath. Understand the Benefits of Pranayama; various Breathing Techniques including solutions to Breathing Problems.


Yoga without appreciating meditation is like walking into a blind alley. But What is Meditation? Understand Meditation and its Benefits. Read "eye opening" Articles, get introduced to Meditation Techniques and much more. Try some Psychological Exercises

Related tools:  Mala Beads, Incense, Neti Pot, Meditation Book and other Meditation Supplies


Visit our Pregnancy Yoga section where you'll understand all about Yoga & Pregnancy including a suitable Pregnancy Diet and a Due Date Calculator that offers you regular updates as you proceed with your pregnancy.


Though not directly related to Yoga, it is an important part of Nature Cure. Get introduced to What is Fasting, Preparation for Fasting and a Fasting Diet. Get exposed to Disease Management through Naturopathy.

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