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Hello and a warm welcome to OUR Fasting Connection website. This site is a directory of fasting centres, people and resources; and has been created especially for those of you who find resonance with the following list of fasting related topics.

Frequent Fasts

Under Eating

Colon Cleansing

Long Fasts

Juice Fasts

Liquid Diet


High Fibre Diet






Mental Clarity

Total Aliveness

Life Enhancement

The primary aim is to provide the best available information on fasting, detoxing and healthy living as well as to highlight the benefits of fasting as a profound way to access the healing powers within. I believe that anything worth learning is better learned through experience. So this site is very much a hands on approach to fasting and related subjects. The articles listed on this site have been written with as much simplicity and clarity as possible so that even someone whose mother tongue is not English will be able to grasp the essentials.

Although I am not a healthcare professional, I am what one could call a student of health and have created this site in order to pave the way for other students of health to share their invaluable knowledge and experience. I believe that most of us have long forgotten what it means to be truly healthy or in similar terms, totally alive, and I sincerely hope that together-on this incredible journey of discovery and humility-we can get several steps closer to experiencing an unprecedented level of good health.

Of course, one of our main purposes is to help bring any genuine interested person out of isolation into the support network for the fasting EXPERIENCE.

In order for this site to grow, the active involvement of Fasting members, is essential. So anyone who feels competent enough to write an article on one or more of the listed topics on this site, you are more than welcome to do so.(If you are interested please go to the bottom of the page.) Also we would like to encourage all members to keep a look out for any incorrect or inaccurate information.

The Members Community is a database of fasting members where one can explore other member's profiles and related interests. There is also a forum where various fasting related discussions can take place.
David Feuerstein

"We believe that to really know the secrets of spirituality and life you first have to know the secrets of health and well-being. (Robert Cox Fasting Connection member)

Evart Loomis M.D. -"Fasting is the world's most ancient and natural healing mechanism. Fasting triggers a truly wondrous cleansing process that reaches right down to each and every cell and tissue in the body. Within 24 hours of curtailing food intake, enzymes stop entering the stomach and travel instead into the intestines and into the bloodstream, where they circulate and gobble up all sorts of waste matter, including dead and damaged cells, unwelcome microbes, metabolic wastes, and pollutants. All organs and glands get a much-needed and well-deserved rest, during which their tissues are purified and rejuvenated and their functions balanced and regulated. The entire alimentary canal is swept clean. By rebuilding immunity, health is naturally restored and disease disappears. If health and immunity are thereafter conscientiously maintained, the individual is no longer vulnerable to disease and dieting becomes unnecessary. Surely one of the most overlooked and yet most valuable modes of healing that will be rediscovered in the future of the new medicine is the fast. This is because of the increasing interest in looking to oneself for healing powers. For the fast is an inward process and cannot be entered upon only from an outer approach with any expectation of a lasting benefit. The person must invariably be involved with the overall results. This therapeutic encounter is in direct contrast to the usual non-involvement in the physician-directed, disease-oriented medical practice of today."

Disclaimer: Please be aware that fasting can be dangerous if not conducted in the right way! We highly recommend that you carry out your fast under the supervision of a qualified or very experienced Natural Hygienist or healthcare professional who is fully versed in the art of fasting. Even better try to go to a fasting center for the duration of your fast. Check out our fasting centers link.

Only three simple rules if you would like to submit an article:1: The articles should be written with as much simplicity and clarity as possible so that even someone whose mother tongue is not English will be able to grasp the essentials. 2: Keep it short and to the point.3: If using someone else's material please remember to state where the quote or idea came from.

The Fasting Connection founding members reserve the right to: edit any submission with the author's approval, and to replace any article with a more up to date one. All your submissions will be used for no other purpose other than to be posted on this site.

Kindly submit your articles by e-mail. Thank you. Image

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