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Big Shakti Yoga Meditation Tantra


Yoga Meditation Tantra

BIG Shakti is dedicated to presenting knowledge and practices of self awareness, self development and self realization through the disciplines of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra.

Contributors to the BIG Shakti website and e-Mag are authentic teachers and adepts, skilled in communicating these healing and self-realization practices: Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, to Westerners, in highly accessible and effective forms. Many of the BIG Shakti contributors have studied and lived with great masters for years. As a result, they carry the essence of embodied knowledge in their hearts and communicate it through their writings and teachings. Sharing their knowledge and blessings with authentic seekers is their greatest joy. We hope that you enjoy and benefit from their gifts.

The meaning of BIG Shakti
‘Shakti’ is the Sanskrit word for “power, ability, strength, might, effort, energy and capability, as well as the energy or active power of a deity personified as Shiva’s wife.”

The innate, awesome and wonderful creative power within us is Shakti. It is the life-force in its totality, brimming with potential. From a psycho-spiritual point of view, Shakti is the force that powers all of our perception, cognition, thoughts, behaviours, desires, drives, feelings, experience and humanness. It is also the force that liberates us from limitation and can take us to higher levels of awareness, experience and being.

The Sanskrit word for ‘big’ is ‘Maha’, which means “great, mighty, strong and abundant”.

BIG Shakti – Paths to Creative Power
The essence of Yoga, Meditation and Tantra is Shakti. The BIG Shakti website will present knowledge and practices that enable you to consciously access the vast reservoir of creative potential, the Shakti that lies within you. Creative potential can lay dormant for the entire span of our lives if illuminating methods are not applied. Within Yoga, Meditation and Tantra, we find effective practices that teach us how to access and direct our creative power, to become conscious of our unique abilities, intuition and inner knowledge.

Inspiration and Purpose
BIG Shakti is inspired by the incredible, vast, multi-formed systems of Yoga, Meditation and Tantra that have emerged and have been continuously developed over the millennia.

Our purpose is to present methods that help you to access Shakti, and in doing so, support you to learn how to eliminate illness in all its aspects, to bring about true holistic health and wellbeing while developing a meaningful, fulfilling and inspired life for yourself and others.

With the vision of wellbeing for all beings,

BIG Shakti

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What is Shakti
Shakti is the power or force that pulses and vibrates. These vibrations create the universe, all sounds, and all names and forms. The innate, awesome and wonderful creative power within us is Shakti.

What is Tantra?
Tantra is above all, a very practical system that aims at producing results. Tantra says, practice these techniques and you will experience certain exalted states of body-mind and of consciousness.

Yoga Benefit Health
The yoga benefit of health, is a side effect of the unfolding of consciousness, of expanding our awareness. Awareness allows us to perceive what is going on with greater clarity.

Yoga Benefit Union
A great benefit of yoga is union. Yoga is a broad science that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. The main aim of yoga is to increase self-awareness.

Yoga Benefit Enlightenment
Throughout the ages people have used yoga as a tool for finding enlightenment. The yoga benefit of enlightenment is alluring, yet sometimes elusive. Removing our darkness is the first step.

yoga teachers resource
Swami Shankardev Saraswati on teaching Yoga, a great resource for yoga and meditation teachers of all styles.

Meditation Benefits
Meidtation Benefits: Better health is often a pleasant side effect of meditation because it calms and strengthens the nervous and other core controlling systems of the body and mind.

Prana and Pranic Healing
The key to knowledge of prana and pranic healing lies in the breath. By learning techniques to tune into the breath, from the most basic gross levels to the most refined subtle levels...

Acerca Shankardev
Acerca Shankardev

Yoga Meditation Tantra CDS
Yoga Meditation Tantra CDS

Meditation Technique Cd Testimonials
Testimonials from customers who have experienced Swami Shankardev's Meditation Technique

Meditation Cd Orders
Meditation Cds Orders. Authentic knowledge and powerful tantric practices for developing health, peace of mind, higher knowledge and spiritual grace.

Swami Shankardev Saraswati
Swami Shankardev Saraswati is an eminent yoga teacher, author, medical doctor and yoga therapist.

shankardev courses yoga meditation tantra
Swami Shankardev Courses in Australia January to June 2005

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