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R.Y.E. was founded by teachers for teachers.

R.Y.E. was born of the union between thousand-year old Yoga and National Education, and seems promised an exceptionally bright future. Why ? Because it is the response to a collective need. Into a hyperintellectualised teaching system, it brings techniques for well-being that take into account the close interdependence of body and mind.

Yoga means union. Its aim is a balanced harmony of the student's emotions, physical needs and deepest desires.

The first object, of course, is the well-being of both learner and teacher, but the quality of the apprenticeship is not neglected. We do not think that fatigue and boredom are inevitable at school. On the contrary, we believe that a happy learning experience can release important energies and, conversely, the harmonisation of energies (to which Yoga invites us) can restore enthusiasm and motivation.

Teachers have to complete ever fuller schedules while nothing is done to develop memory. Children are told : " Pay attention, now ! ", but we do not teach them to concentrate. This is something they need badly in a world where they are beset on every side with multiple distractions.

In order to ease attention and concentration, teachers who knows RYE's techniques can introduce in their classroom some short sessions of yoga adapted to learning environment, with the students sitting or standing between their table and their chair.

Westerners know Yoga without being consciously aware of it. A number of techniques already in current use such as natural childbirth, training for sports, psychotherapy and advanced pedagogical techniques include easily, recognisable yoga exercises, even if this origin is not always acknowledged.

Yoga is the answer to a deep need of the collective consciousness in its struggle to adapt to the stress-filled life we have made for ourselves.