To experience spontaneous yogic living in the sweet early Mallorcan summertime was a joy beyond imagination.

The sanctity of the energy emanating from Swami Niranjanananda was tangible and humbling. Even those from Padmasambhava who had previously been in his company were able to remark on its power and growing maturity.

The combination of: the rural location and facilities at the ashram with it’s eisteddfodic lay out, hypnotic, uplifting music at the ashram that filled you with lightness of spirit, teachings, illustrated with stories, from Swamiji, a decorated pretty platform that allowed the 800+ people from all parts of the world to see, hear and understand Swamiji and invited speakers. (The Spanish translators deserve a special mention. The fluency and accuracy of their simultaneous translations and especially of difficult concepts was remarkable). The loveable Spanish Swamis taking yoga classes in Spanish in the open sided secondary tents, Swami Pragyamurti teaching us to walk meditatively, to write AUM and to never throw away the efforts but only to burn them,
a fire ceremony on the beach on Saturday night that lasted well into darkness with Swamiji full of fun and taking a musical lead, superb hotel arrangements close to the lapping waters of the Mediterranean, food that was fit for kings, and all overseen by the very hard working, incredibly positive, Asociación Satyananda Yoga de Mallorca made for an experience that will live in our hearts forever.

It seems appropriate at this point to thank Poornam, Atma Poornananda, Jyotimani, Kalimurti, Liz, Sally, Maureen, Janet and Mary but it will have to wait because there is so much more to report!
To be in the presence of Swami Niranjananda and not give you examples of his teachings would be a travesty.

For example, you cannot change the world – only yourself. He went on to explain that people who want to establish new orders in the world end up creating wars, chaos. Peace and contentment is found with the spirit world not the material world. So our work is a continuation of the work of previous Seers – creating bridges…. strengthening the connections between the untranscedental world and the transcendental world.
We were reminded that gaps in the bridge cannot all be strengthened in one lifetime; perhaps we as individuals, will only be able to fill one or two gaps as part of the strengthening process; but it does not matter because God will say you have done well and he will say this to everyone who has strengthened this bridge over all time.

Swamiji’s explanation of a Havan (Fire) ceremony talked of the first quantum leap of consciousness. How primitive man saw the sun and moon and accepted it all but the birth of fire from an innate object was a wonder. Knowing how to bring out the fire that exists everywhere is the first process of evolution and it created a beautiful environment. It connects us with nature’s elements and our consciousness.

The mantra associated with Havan is a special one for everyone because we are giving and sharing the aspects of health, prosperity and happiness with everyone. We were reminded that our sankalpa works. How it works we do not know but it does.

Inspirational teachings, a magic environment, many new friends made (a special mention for Fernando), wonderful energies created and with no negativity anywhere. What a wonderful world this would be if we followed our paths with heart.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this experience of spontaneous yogic living a fundamental aspect of our spiritual development.

Hari Om Tat Sat.
Norman Martell