Towards Kriya Yoga October 09

The second workshop in a series aims to provide a foundation and systematic preparation for studying Kriya Yoga. This workshop will focus on the location and understanding of the chakra and nadis networks through practices related to kriya yoga. The day includes some theory, discussion and revision of practices from the previous workshop.

This workshop is offered to both experienced yoga practitioners and teachers. Those unable to attend the first workshop are most welcome.

Presenter: Swami Sumitrananda was initiated into the Kriya Yoga System in the Satyananda Ashram – Australia and has been involved in the teaching of Kriyas and associated practices at the Bihar School of Yoga, India over many years.

Date: Saturday 3rd October Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm


Fee: £35

Please contact Padmasambhava for bookings or Mob:07505903322. for details of the content of these workshops.

Concessions available for attending this workshop together with "Gentle Yoga and Meditation" Please call for details.


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