Towards Kriya Yoga June 09


Kriya yoga is like a ladder connecting earth with heaven, the gross with the astral and spiritual.

Swami Satyanananda

To systematically explore the subtle energy network within the human framework with practices and discussion as a foundation and preparation for the study of kriya yoga.

Kriya yoga does not require concentration, just the ability to move the awareness. One doesn't worry about how the mind is behaving but just continues to do the practices.

The Kriya Yoga System consists of advanced practices to awaken the potential energy within the human being and is a trade mark of the Satyananda Yoga Tradition. Continuous effort through Hatha and Raja Yoga practices is required to prepare the body and mind for the management of a greater energy. 

The workshop offers an opportunity to experience some of the asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), mudras, (gestures), and bandhas (locks) and awarenesses that form the Pratyahara Set of Kriyas  as a foundation for the student to become firmly established in the required practices before beginning the study of Kriya Yoga. 

The workshop will include discussion and background theory to the practices and is suitable for experienced students and teachers. 

Presenter: Swami Sumitrananda was initiated into the Kriya Yoga System in the Satyananda Ashram – Australia and has been involved in the teaching of Kriyas and associated practices at the Bihar School of Yoga, India over many years.

Date: Saturday June 13th     10.00am – 5.00pm 

Venue: Padmasambhava 

Fee: £35



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